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Zone Graphix offers a wide variety of Web Development services made in wordpress for our clients.


  • Web Design
  • Custom WordPress development
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Custom website redesigns
  • Responsive web design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress maintenance

Why work with us?

Zone Graphix offers professional web development services. As qualified web developers, we are well versed in industry best practices and the latest web design standards. Using a professional web developer allows you to work quickly to produce the artwork you need.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is a free program. It means that you can download it, install it, use it and modify it to fit your needs. You can use it to create any type of website. While the WordPress software itself is free, you do need a domain name and web hosting to install it.

Despite being the most flexible and powerful platform, WordPress is quite easy to use for beginners. It comes with a simple dashboard with different menu options listed in the sidebar. You can easily create posts and pages, customize your website layout, add navigation menus, and more.

WordPress is written using high quality code with semantic markup. In non-geek terms, this means that Google and other search engines love WordPress. This is why WordPress sites tend to rank higher than others in search engines.